When looking for wedding photographers – particularly inexpensive wedding photographers it is important to take a look at the photographers work.

Their work will give you the best idea of the style weather that be more formal or more relaxed and candid or a combination of both.

It is also a great idea to take a look at testimonials of the photographers work from past clients. If these testimonials are not on their web page ask to be able to speak with some of their past clients to give you an idea of their reliability, how they get on with everyone, how their final product was received (what the clients thought of the job) – and how long before the clients received their wedding images.

These basic measures will insure confidence that you have secured the right photographer and at the price your budget allows.

Wedding photographers – inexpensive wedding photographers is not to be judged on price but rather the work.

Another idea is to meet with your photographer to get an idea of who will be taking your photos. This is another opportunity to ask further questions and to get an idea of how the day will flow with your photographer – but just some advice – just because a person seems overly confident and really cool is NOT an indication of their work – you still need to check their portfolio of work – in other words, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

It can be very confusing choosing a wedding photographers and really it all boils down to the style of work you like and the budget you are prepared to allow for your wedding photographer – and so it has to suit both the bride and groom.

All the very best in hunting for a wedding photographer and please feel free to take a look at our work and testimonials at jeffgoodwinphotography.com