Affordable Wedding Photography is a bit of a puzzle. What may be affordable to some maybe unattainable to others. So what constitutes affordable wedding photography?

I think wedding photography can be generally divided into three price points – low, middle and high and of course you can generally see the quality of work vary according to that scale. BUT NOT ALWAYS.

As we have blogged before – the price point maybe perfect for you however the work may not be your style or what you like and depending on who you are looking at the photographer may be way too overpriced for what you think you will receive or on the other side of the scale the low priced photographer may have a great price but the work may be below average.

Middle to high is where a lot of couples will try to set their budget and at the end of the day the determining factor should be the quality of work. That is what you are left with when the day is over and you get back from your honeymoon – the wedding images. Those are the images you will look back upon and years to come they need to stand up as looking fresh, romantic, full of feeling, fun and spontanious.

When you choose your wedding photographer just keep that in mind – and please ask your photographers advice on what is the best time frame to get your wedding photos taken after the wedding ceremony (you know, those really romantic photographs and also the fun photos of the bridal party) so you have plenty of time and does not end up being a big rush. Really it is best to allow the time needed to get the best from your wedding photography because again – that is what you are left with when your wedding day is over.

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