Wedding Photography Prices can vary quite a bit depending on what you are looking for. Looking through various price points can simply mean you want the best price for maximum results. As we have blogged before when looking at wedding photography prices, the lower priced photographers may be the perfect fit for you while the higher priced photographers may also be ideal for you. Again with wedding photography prices the best determination of who you will choose should not be based on price alone but rather the quality of work. Base your choice first of all on the photographers portfolio and then work out prices to see who you can afford regarding the quality of their work.

Remember to always check out the photographers work, testimonials from past clients, if the photographer is a registered business and if the photographer is insured and with those boxes ticked it will make selecting your photographer a little easier.

You may also want to meet with your photographer prior to your wedding day. This is a good idea as it is sometimes easier to talk through some aspects of your wedding photography face to face. Meeting with your photographer will also give you a feeling of weather the photographer will be suited for your wedding – however don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some photographers may appear conservative to look at them but produce amazing images while others may have witty charm and have an outgoing personality but produce average images. Again make sure you see their work as that should really be the determining factor as the photos are what you are left with when the wedding is over – not the photographers sparkling personality. 

There are so many choices to make regarding your wedding – the dress- suits – shoes – cake- car- reception and more and it can be quite daunting however just take your time and just carefully consider the choices in front of you. All the best in your wedding planning and if you have any questions regarding your wedding photography please contact us via e-mail at or via our web page where you can see our work, testimonials and various packages at