If you are confused about looking for wedding photographers Brisbane you may want to be aware of when looking for a photographers under Wedding Photographers Brisbane.

First of all take a look at their portfolio of work on the web page and if you feel you want to go further ask to look at some of their work printed.

Another good idea is to look to see if the wedding photographer is insured and that they are in fact a registered business – unfortunately there are some less than honest people out there and so you want to make sure the photographer you are dealing with is legitimate and has a good reputation. Speaking of reputations – check out any reviews not only on their web page but also on Google reviews which should give you a good idea on the satisfaction of past clients.

Other questions to ask when searching Wedding Photographers Brisbane is does the photographer have a back up camera and does the cameras have two card slots for back-up in each camera.

Does the photographer edit each image (they should) and how long does it take to get your images back? Really – 6 to 8 weeks should be sufficient time to wait before you receive your images.

And of course if you wish to meet with the photographer before you book that is also a great idea – but be aware – the seemingly really cool guy or girl that is fabulous to get along with may not necessarily be a great photographer and the guy or girl that may be on the surface fairly reserved may produce stunning images. So do not judge a book by it’s cover – again check the actual portfolio of the photographers work and that will give you the best idea, after all it is the photos you want – not the photographers personality. In saying that – you do want a photographer that is at least going to get along with you all.

Hope that helps in your planning as choosing a photographer can be daunting.

All the best and happy planning for your wedding