A simple search under Inexpensive Wedding Photographers can reveal a myriad of wedding photography businesses all vying for your business. Of course when you do a search for Inexpensive Wedding Photographers the main factors in choosing are a combination of the standard of wedding photography and the price. If you can get a combination of great photography combined with the right price you are doing well and that’s why at Jeff Goodwin Wedding Photography we pride ourselves on giving you excellently priced packages combined with excellent photography. We are a husband and wife team and work together to give you the best possible record of your special day.

We edit each image individually giving you around 800 to 1,000 high res and the same images again in low res with no photographers signature (watermark) so you can make prints through whomever you wish. Of course we can also enlarge any prints for you as well.

We love shooting with three different lenses and at least three cameras to give you as much perspective of your wedding day as possible.

Your wedding day seems to go so fast and so having a great record of your day is very important to look back on in years to come, that is why we will bend over backwards to give you as much variety as possible in your wedding photographs from candid spontaneous capture to some lightly posed photos.

There are packages that begin at the house where the bride and bridesmaids are getting ready to packages that begin at the wedding ceremony. Whatever package you choose we will give you our very best on the day providing you with many many wonderful memories.

For more information and to look at our work, various packages and reviews from past clients please go to our web page jeffgoodwinphotography.com