Brisbane Wedding Advice can be a great thing to source as it will give you an idea on how to attain the best images for your day so how does Brisbane Wedding Advice actually help you plan? 

It can be confusing regarding your wedding photography – actually planning your wedding day can seem absolutely overwhelming. When it comes to Wedding Photography Advice I can give you some ideas from a photographers perspective and of course you are more than welcome to accept or reject. The advice I am giving you here is from a photographer who has photographed many weddings and is aware of what works best through experience.

Advice one: Make sure you leave enough time prior to your wedding ceremony to be fully dressed. This will allow your photographer the time to also get photos of you at the house or hotel fully dressed and then be able to leave you with enough time to unwind and get to the ceremony without a giant rush and panic.

Advice two: As you are repeating the vows that the minister or celebrant are saying make sure you look at each other and not at the minister or celebrant – after all you are marrying each other not the person officiating at your ceremony.

Advice three:
Make sure you leave enough time between the wedding ceremony and reception to be able to get those romantic, fun and spontaneous wedding photos. These images are so very important and should not be rushed because you have to be in at reception in an hour. Really – after the wedding ceremony and family photos you need at least two hours for the photographer to be able to take his or her time to capture the day in a beautiful and creative way that will show you and your partner and the bridal party at their best. Don’t forget the best time for photography is during the golden hour when the sun is setting and you have lovely soft light and pastel skies.
I hope that helps – of course people have many questions and we can answer anything you may wish to ask.
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